Juanita M. Guccione - Ink on paper


You once had a time, now that time is gone.

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Dream Sower, 1950, Ink on paper, 11" x 8 1/2"

I was humbled to be in the room with an original Juanita M. Guccione drawing. For an artist to try so deeply to not become famous I almost feel conflicted for loving her work. The versatility of some of the female artists during the 1930's was mind blowing. Cubist, realist, abstract, surrealist, and abstract surrealist strains are all found in Guccione's work, but by 1970 she was painting electrifying works in watercolor and acrylic that elude the most considered categorization. We're super excited to have such an intimate piece of hers in our fall collection.

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